20 Things You Should Know Before Dating A Girl From Swindon

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below 2. We will take you on a hot date in the grey Sarf Landan drizzle to mutually gaze upon The Catford Cat. It's who is jenelle dating now 2016 giant fibreglass cat on a roof! It's seriously big and seriously clever and it just never gets old. I can barely write this entry, such is the adrenaline rush I get from simply knw about it.

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below 3. Don't knock chicken-shop chips until you've tried them. Refrain from letting the hot sauce placed seductively on the counter give you the eye, though. It will kill you. Giphy Advertisement - Continue Reading Below 4. We're well proud of the fact that we're so multicultural — and that Lewisham residents went down in history for stopping a National Front march in Someone once kidnapped a swan from the River Quaggy and then ate it apparently.

Getty Advertisement - Continue Reading Below 9. Scaramouche isn't a spell from Harry Potter. It's the hippy place where people get their second ear piercings. If we take you to Moran's, we're showing you a great time. Namely because their cakes are a thing of dreams. We don't all speak like farmers or someone from Downton Abbey, but we can do a bloody good impression if you ask nicely.

The word chav came from 20 things you should know before dating a girl from swindon. It originally meant Cheltenham average, but don't call us it. The Famous isn't an edgy techno band, but the place our mums dragged us to buy our school ties every September. Buying food from the Tesco Metro before going to Cineworld is a right of passage because the best dating website norway is.

The Domebusters are the slides at a local leisure centre, not some weird urban slang. The leisure centre is called the Oasis, where apparently is where the band got their name from or so we'll knw until Google proves is wrong. Billie Piper is our most famous celebrity export. But never forget that Jahmane from the X-Factor is from here too.

Nicole Scherzinger came to work with him at Asda Walmart when he got to the final, true story. The Outlet Village is where the bargains are AT. Discounts on shouldd from Nike to the Body Shop, and a Lindt pick and mix stand. But for proper shopping, we'll need to go elsewhere. Cabot Circus, The Oracle, basically anywhere other than our own town centre.

If you've been wondering what that delicious accent is, it's half-Bristolian, half-amateur farmer. Say 'baff' instead of bath and 'tuff' thing of tooth. You'll fit right in. And we pronounce Primark differently to the rest of the entire country.

20 things you should know before dating a girl from Cheltenham

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