Coc War Matchmaking Algorithm

Thought that was dropped? Also Coc war matchmaking algorithm it Get Free Clash Of Clans Gems From Here http: SumDuud The townhall now holds an equal amount of gold so you do not add the for the townhall but instead take cambridge online dating number in storages on war day or from scouting a friendly challenge and multiply that by the number of gold storages you have adding one storage for the townhall.

Basic formula for weight based on townhall assuming all storages built: Thank you a lot man! If I max out the walls too will it bring me against Th10 all the time? Will Potter Is there any maxed out Town Hall 9 player in your Clan? What is his position in Clan War? But using the spreadsheet my calculated weight total is 75, Will Potter Hello 2 ways you used to calculate your weights are totally different. Please just use only 1 to track and compare!

My total war weight for a max th8 56, seems high. Jack Jansen Do you already have an upgrade? With the poison spell and mini dragon? I am a th9 and have a few queries: Once I reached TH9, I right away added both the Xbows. Right now, one of my Xbow is level 2 and another in level 1. However, I updated all the other new defences to TH8 level. And coc war matchmaking algorithm is my detail: So right now I am concentrating on the walls.

What are the things I should concentrate on next? I am planning on examples of womens profiles for dating sites, traps and heroes for now. Is that a good idea? The calculate adds the same weight matter if I go from or Moses You The excel sheet is buggy. I checked it against my war weight and it calculated it as I removed the offensive weights and it was reduced to My actual war weight is I appreciate the effort in this sheet but it needs more work.

Add the blacked out war weight values simply unknown and therefore not included in the calc? I am a fully maxed TH9 getting ready to go to TH Benjamin Kuch According to this Excel spreadsheet, a max th9 has a war weight of 80, and a max th10That is quite a jump, and much higher than when applying the gold storage method where max th9 is 70 and max th10 is Also why is there no weight for some of the new troops bowler, minerbut also witch, lava hound?

Jeremy Burmeister Thanks for the spreadsheet, it is very well done! Any idea why that is different? Will Potter sorry for my late reply! I will take a look at this and answer you as soon as possible. I isaithenral cinema news dating site no idea about the data from spAnser. So kick back, relax, and welcome to your home white boy dating a black girl "All Things Weight" in Clash of Clans!

Navigating Our Website As the flagship for "all things Weight," of course the War Weight Calculator is the most important tool coc war matchmaking algorithm offer. Dating tips for male virgins we emplore you, don't just stop coc war matchmaking algorithm the Calculator! That shouldn't be the final piece of the puzzle. We offer several tabs listing the Weights of each item coc war matchmaking algorithm CoC, including the Weights of every item in your Builder Village.

Yet, more than even that, our who is jamie lynn spears dating offer detailed written explanations, video tutorials, and up-to-date information about a plethora of different subjects that you need to know in order to truly understand all things Weight, so make sure you check out those tabs first. Help Us By Giving Back! Our website is free and open to the public. Help us keep it that way by donating what you can.

Every bit helps so all donations are appreciated! Please donate here by funny online dating sayings on this link: This website and its content is copyright of Clashkings2. User Licence agreement and disclaimers are located here. Your Home For "All Things Weight" in Clash of Clans!

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