He Likes Me But Started Dating Someone Else

The drunk accident was months ago. I get close to getting over it, but then he brings her online dating rich guys again. He always finds a way to talk about her no matter how irrelevant latest dating site online seems. The worst part is that he doesn't seem to care that he is hurting me I have told him that he's hurting me, but he thinks I'm being silly.

He is very cold hearted sometimes. I am going to break up with him. It will be hard to do because I like him still. I am still so confused about one thing. Why is he dating me? He is obviously not over the girl. He continually hurts my feelings and doesn't eyes dating a damn, so it is obvious he doesn't care about me.

I just feel so irrational having to break up with someone because I think he doesn't like me instead of the other he likes me but started dating someone else around. Sorry this isn't beautifully written. He would continuously tease me and try to flirt, and his friend would drop hints as well. I simply thought that the other boy was a golden boy who had it everything perfect, and it blinded me to the affection and attention this guy gave me.

He continued to act the same way towards me, and by the end of December 3 months later our winter gay marine dating website was coming up, and when we asked if he was interested in a friend of mine, he said he was talking to a new outside girl who went to school here as well.

Over break I had a change of heart when the golden boy rejected me and I realized I was very blind that this guy liked me a lot. After winter break passed, we returned to school for spring, and I bumped into him and he acted in the same teasing and flirtatious way he always had with me, pining for my he likes me but started dating someone else and to make me laugh. I noticed out of the corner of my eye a girl give him a nasty look and left, but he stayed and held my gaze with a smile on his face for about 10 more seconds until I told him to go eat the ice cream he was holding lol.

I figured this is perfect, I still have a shot with him. I figured he would blow us off because of the girlfriend and his friend being busy, but to our surprise, he showed up. While we were altogether, he would do things like stand extremely close to me as I made shots we were playing pool or stretch to show off his abs, and would otherwise just sit and watch me.

I did also notice that they go out and eat dinner at the cafeteria together, but with mutual friends. Some of the things he was saying I laughed at, and he would look up and stare at me for a second or two, and I free dating in milwaukee a sparkle in his eye as he smiled at me. It is my true feeling that he is he likes me but started dating someone else good person and treats his girlfriend well, but fast impressions speed dating review help his affection for me, and this is causing him confusion.

Am I wrong in assuming these things? And should I ask him this directly?

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