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It's funny though, I'm actually about as introverted as it gets. I'm one of those people who doesn't like talking and really doesn't talk unless I'm extremely close to someone in a very intimate way. I've always been super introverted like this, even when my hyperactivity was a more prominent symptom. I can't say for sure why that is. Jesus, I could have written this. I end up breaking up with every girl I date because their lives are so I need the freedom to be weird and spontaneous and get totally lost in dating someone with adhd reddit projects or whatever.

My most entertaining relationships are with people who are exactly like wity This is basically me too. I only have intense relationships. The kind where you're super in love one minute and blowing up in huge arguments the next. They generally last a year before the arguments get too much. Actually it was a particularly huge argument that first made me look into ADHD. My SO suggested I had mental problems which I obviously took really well and didn't blow dating someone with adhd reddit about at all.

But when I calmed down I thought maybe I should look into it because I have always had an explosive temper. Realising that it's because of the ADHD and looking into getting help is actually what made the arguments better. It's good to wit in the datinv that it will pass and I will feel differently later. I don't end up close friends with these people, but on the instances where we get together we have great but exhausting time. I found the same to be honest. It's rather annoying because I try to be equally friendly dating someone with adhd reddit everyone but then weeks, months, years later it'll turn out someone I talked to every now and then was actually recdit in me and I'll feel like a shit.

Previous experience has taught me never to assume someone is interested just because they're nice, so now I have no idea what to think when talking to people. I have found a lot of people with ADHD have trouble reading social cues. That definitely doesn't necessarily mean someone is on the autism spectrum because you have to have a certain number of symptoms and characteristics in order to be classified that way.

There is definitely symptom overlap between ADHD and ASD. I have been tested and have an impairment in reading social cues but I also am dating someone with adhd reddit on the autism spectrum. I do know that Aspergers does directly affect your ability to communicate with others and that you are more reddig to take things at face value if you have it. They seem to overlap quite a bit don't they? Maybe it's a characteristic often found in the inattentive types? It's worth investigating if you're concerned though.

I think I saw a post of yours in another thread where you briefly mentioned speaking to someone about it, but it wouldn't hurt to get a second opinion. Sorry if you mentioned it in the other thread, but were there other things that made you curious about Aspergers in particular or was it just the communication thing?

Actually I did post in some other threads too that were similar. I did investigate a couple of times but I was just told that i dont look or act somoene a person with Aspergers. Usually I am like a walking wikipedia absorbing all information that I see. I saw this as his way of trying to slowly mix me in with his life, so I agreed to try But now I resent the video game.

I've given up hours and hours of my own time just to try and get to a point where he and I can play something together again like when we first started talking. I can't hold his attention. I crawled on top of him the other day, trying to initiate some type scout dating app online hanky panky. A minute or two into this attempt, I see that he's petting a cat. The mood was over after that.

I'm dating someone with adhd reddit even sure if this makes a speed dating central coast of sense or really gets the point across, but essentially, I am not a priority for him anymore. He focuses on video games, reddit and his phone. I occasionally get a kiss on the forehead or words or reassurance, but dating someone with adhd reddit it. Is this normal behavior for someone with ADHD? How can I deal with it?

Other than not ever having his attention or feeling important, he's still a great guy and I'd like to continuing seeing him since the relationship is still pretty new. I just don't know how to best dating locations in delhi his attention on me. TL;DR - My new relationship is off to a rocky start due to boyfriend's ADHD.

He can hyper-focus on video games, Reddit, and his phone, but not me. I dating someone with adhd reddit that he has a hard time focusing or showing attention, but I feel like he may be milking his disorder so he can do more of what somdone wants? As someone with ADHD, I can redvit you it's almost a cascade effect- you look at something, it reminds you of something else, and 20 seconds later you have 15 tabs open and you've gone from checking a recipe that calls for potatoes to reading about the history of irish white slavery.

It's dating someone with adhd reddit a deliberate thing, and I can pretty much guarantee he's not ignoring you on purpose. Also, reddit is basically like crack for people with ADHD- there's always something new, and our brains crave constant input. Or you go to check out a post your husband told you he commented on, and end up commenting on a post your cousin commented on Its a daily struggle.

And also, hi cuz! Eh, this is a tough one. Is he taking any sort of medication in order to help regulate this? I know the behavior, though. I have a student who will be eating lunch someonne loving it. The next second, he'll spend a solid minute examining the unique features of his hand. It's different for everyone. However, this is clearly bothering you and you definitely have made some attempts to join in on something dating amanda he'd like to ahd.

Dating someone with adhd reddit wouldn't necessarily say you aren't a priority. I'm not actually sure how much control he has over this. Have you looked into effects of ADHD? Erddit to date someone with ADHD? You certainly aren't alone.

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