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When it launched in New York City, the app allowed only 2, users. Why did you create The League? I created The League because I had never done online dating before -- and when I tried it, I was incredibly disappointed in the dating apps. First, my dating profile was blasted to anyone and everyone, so coworkers, business connections, and Facebook friends were all swiping at me.

That was not cool especially as I worked with a bunch of dudes and my dating profile was not exactly how I wanted them to think about me. Second, the guys I saw on the app were not the kind of guys I was interested in dating - to be totally frank. I wanted to meet the smart, ambitious, polite and put-together guys I had met in college, grad school or at the old companies I worked at. Amanda Bradford, Founder of The League The League has gotten a lot of attention for its exclusivity.

We are ,th on the wait list. Why is selectivity important? Think of how long people spend on applications for things that matter to them - college, scholarships, job interviews, etc. Dating and meeting someone - who may end up being THE ONE - should also be something that people take seriously and put their best foot forward. By keeping The League selective, we build a brand that stands for quality and where people feel comfortable transitioning offline as soon as possible.

Duggars dating 2013 do users get my ex still loves me but is dating someone else We have an internal system that shortlists groups of users based on a variety of factors: She offered one last defense of the process: Statistics show that people tend to meet their spouse at school or at work, and The League is simply mirroring this model in a curated online the league app dating. In Philly, the community Bradford envisions is the league app dating taking shape.

Philly will also allow the startup to come full circle. Bradford says Philly actually launched The League two years ago when Wharton students mistakenly got a notification about the platform while it was still in stealth mode. She says Wharton is already the second most represented school on the platform after Harvard Business School.

Over time, the remaining applicants will be brought in according to recommendations and demand. So who exactly are these Philly-area millennials willing to give The League the league app dating shot? Most groups of friends I approached were dating app veterans, and some were eager to have a new option, while others were skeptical and just there for a free drink. His friend, a medical student at Good opening for dating profile, agreed.

Whoa there!

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