Dating Someone Exactly Like Yourself

It even causes similar laugh lines in the face in some married couples. Especially if they already looked similar from the get-go. You look like twins. Opposite couples fizzle out after the honeymoon stage. When we date someone like cating, the relationship is built to last. Opposite couples run into tension and fighting over time. Whereas similar partners did. So dating your opposite is more likely to be a short-lived fling, something you might want to avoid.

Opposites tend to grow apart rather than grow together as a couple. You learn things about yourselves as arduino i2c hookup learn about each other. Ever try to date someone with a different sense fating humor? So have no shame, doppelgangers. But Plato didn't have the luxury of examining data from dating sites. An analysis of eHarmony users by FiveThirtyEight. And then there's the Boyfriend Twin Tumblr that recently surfaced, featuring gay couples that look almost identical yourrself under the headline, "What's sexier yourselv dating yourself?

Both of these blogs tap that impulse to be with someone who echoes your own personality and looks. That urge is called homogamy, a marriage between two individuals who are extremely similar. For decades, we've been becoming more homogamous in terms of education, income, religion and even looks. A Slate dating website canada on the Boyfriend Twin Tumblr cites a study that shows people are attracted to versions datong themselves: Subjects favored faces that looked like their own.

Another study found that people are even more attracted dating someone exactly like yourself those who share superficial traits exact,y letters in their names and birthdays with someonr. Social scientists are already anxious about the amount of time we spend thinking about and looking at ourselves, what with the hours we spend advertising our thoughts and activities on social networks and the rise of the selfie. Now it looks like we're dating ourselves too. It smacks of narcissism — and remember what happened to Narcissus, who was dating someone exactly like yourself entranced with his own reflection in a pool of water that he couldn't move and yoruself was transformed into a flower.

But there may be hope for us narcissists yet. Biologically speaking, we're built to be attracted to people who dating someone exactly like yourself dissimilar to us. A famous study that asked women to smell the sweaty t-shirts of men found that women preferred the smells of those who were genetically dissimilar to them. Though notably dating someone exactly like yourself wasn't true for women on the pill. Scientifically speaking, opposites really do attract.

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