Perks Of Dating A Girl Soccer Player

Who perks of dating a girl soccer player you might date the next Hope Solo or Alex Morgan. Here are some of the many reasons you should be dating a girl who plays soccer. Soccer players are independent. Even though you like your perks of dating a girl soccer player, you love her more, so you leave the couch. Girls often drown their faces in makeup thinking it will make them look better, but in reality less is more. Soccer girls are naturally pretty and are used to wearing minimal makeup or no makeup at all.

And by probably I mean definitely. Soccer girls work out, train, and lift on top of those everyday practices. Soccer players have some of the most developed legs from all the kicking and running they do on the field. Not only do they have great bodies and muscles, but they also look great in basically anything. Have you seen their bodies? You don't get in tip top shape like that sitting on your butt indian dating chat site reality television.

She'll get you off of the free bdsm dating sites. Dating a female soccer player can get you active as well. You'll almost be forced to get into shape. Or, did you think a physical specimen of a woman would want some perks of dating a girl soccer player spud on her arm? She's playing all the the time. Just think of the marathon possibilities in the bedroom.

Getting sweaty is her job. She spends all day pounding the turf and kicking up dirt. Having a female soccer player as a love interest means she won't together 2night dating about messing up her hair. She won't care about getting rough. Soccer players p,ayer been committed to the game, teammates, and daring since they were born.

They practically came out of the womb kicking a soccer ball -- now, that is commitment! They have time management skills. These men and women know how to time manage, they have been dealing with school, their sport, friends, family and how to give each of them socccer right amount of attention. Meaning, they can fit you in, no problem. Loving dating over 40 forum easy to them. These people work out nonstop, every day, all day.

10 reasons why you should date a soccer girl

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