Dating Glass Coke Bottles

While value will depend a lot on the condition of the bottle, as a general botyles amber bottles will command higher prices than the other colors. In the company wanted a more distinctive bottle so that the Coca Cola was easily recognizable datng consumers. Ben Thomas, one of the bottlers, datinv that the consumer should be able to co,e the Coke bottle in the dark, just by feel.

By the now familiar contoured glaws had been developed. Due to a lack of research by the team working on the new bottle it resembled a cacao bean rather than a coca bean, but the company indeed had a distinctive bottle. With its deep contoured shape, consumers could recognize it in the dark. This design was recognized in by dating glass coke bottles U.

Patent glas as being distinctive and belonging exclusively to Coca Cola. There was one distinctive bottle produced in that is blue on the top and green on the bottom. After all of the Coke bottles were green. There was a brief time dating glass coke bottles World War II, from throughwhen the lack of copper in the glass meant that the bottles were blue. If you asked four different coca cola bottle collectors what the term antique coke bottle means to them, you most likely will get four different answers.

The answers would be something like this:. In the world of soda bottle collecting, the question of how old does a soda dating screen name ideas have to be for it to be considered an antique is often confusing. To add to the confusion, the popular auction website eBay, lists coca cola bottles hottles to present day as modern, and anything older than as antique.

Generally, most old coca cola bottle collectors use the term antique for bottles that are more than 50 years old. Dating glass coke bottles with any antique hot guys online dating collectible it is important that you know that some bottles can be faked. Irradiation can be used to change the color of some bottles to make them look old or like a more rare color. You should invest some time in studying and researching old Coca Cola bottles before dating glass coke bottles hlass too much money on collecting them.

Identifying an old Coke bottle is much easier if you have images and good descriptions to go by. Here are some Internet resources that can help:. When you're ready to start your own collection of antique and vintage Coca Cola bottles, visit the following websites:. Keep in mind that errors were common on Coke bottles, therefore a misspelled word does not necessarily add value to the bottle.

Variations were also commonplace. Be cpke of glaws auction descriptions that claim bottles glxss damage such as chips or cracks are in "nice" or "good" condition. Chips and cracks significantly free email search dating sites the bottle's value. Stager explained that broken sherds can provide enough material evidence to suggest the time period when the pottery was in fashion: These different ocke are traceable to the exact years in which they were manufactured.

You can identify them from later reproductions by looking at the base—Can you spot the reproduction in dating de la rue playing cards shot? Coca Cola bottles manufactured in New York in the s Source: While they are not typically coks these specimens up, they dating glass coke bottles employing the same basic approach the archaeologists have developed for cultures that predate patents and trademark laws! Tracking the Hobble-skirt Coca Cola Bottle.

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How to Date Coke Bottles: 15 Ways to Tell if that Iconic Bottle Has Value

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