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Plan fun dates in great public places. Click here to learn more! Faster matches No more being left in limbo. On Cuddli, you have to answer when someone wants to meet you. Check out who is on the dance floor. Just dance with your phone. Explore the city together Cuddli helps you find the best places to meet. Schedule fun geek dork dating in public places. Better chat experience Send stickers, pictures and emojis. Cuddli makes chatting fun. Built for Safety No unwanted messages or pictures.

Designed by security experts, Cuddli puts you in control. Meet someone who really understands you. Chat with pictures, stickers and emojis. Play fun games to meet new people. Geek 2 Geek does have a geek dork dating service. Signing up is quick and easy, and you don't have to answer all of the questions right away though you certainly can. A geek dork dating is also not a profile requirement. Matchmaking questions include everything from "type of sense of humor" to "areas of interest," and similar geeks are delivered to your "My Matches" inbox.

As for whether you'll actually find geeks on this site, well, a quick look-through says yes. It helps, of course, that the "areas of interest" are all geek-oriented, and include options like "online gaming," "Star Trek," "Tolkien," and "Monty Python. This site isn't really limited to geeks--it looks like just about everyone is on here. Plus, it takes way too much information to complete your profile. Yeah, "geek" in this case seems synonymous with "anyone who owns a computer.

OtakuBooty Who you can expect to find: Small talk dating questions of anime, manga, old fashioned dating site, and cosplay. OtakuBooty is part online dating and part social networking. Signing up is free, and you can receive unlimited free messages--you just can't see who sent them until you sign up for a paid membership.

OtakuBooty indian television actors dating the nerd factor alive throughout the site: On the initial sign-up page, required fields are marked with an invincibility star; on the payment page there's a bogus "send ham" option for a "recurring geek dork dating subscription. OtakuBooty is sort of like the Android OS--a little too rough around the edges. The good news is that this will probably scare off the ungeeky types who are unwilling to deal with anything less than a perfect user interface.

The bad news is that there are just so many tabs. The site looks a lot like a bad wiki--and hey, there's even a site wiki. As for the types of users you'll find, well, they're definitely nerds. And they're all a little weird. Last time we checked, a "featured member" on the front page had three moustaches descending down his face just best dating place in mangalore there for a moment and imagine that.

OtakuBooty's user interface is awful. It might deter the nongeeks from signing up, but it'll geek dork dating deter the geeks. It's impossible to navigate the site--I couldn't even contact OtakuBooty, because I couldn't find their contact page. I'm not into otaku culture, but I really wanted to like OtakuBooty. Sure the wiki-like layout is ugly, but I found its quirky style endearing, and the news, deals, and quasi-legal torrent sections are handy if you're passionate about anime.

If you're not, you geek dork dating probably join me in giving this site a pass. Who you can expect to find: Around 30, Apple fans.

Cuddli, a dating app for geeks.

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